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Luminesce organic spa was inspired by my passion to be of service. Creating a space of safety and luxurious surrender; my goal and passion is to bring you to your depths of peace and self love.

A bit about me:


Being raised by parents that started a new life in a new country (fleeing from communism), I wasn’t exposed to the conveniences of “modern living”. As a family, we ate meals together made from scratch, and there was a big focus on health and healthy living. Apart from that, I had this fascination with nature where I could be perfectly content exploring in the backyard by myself for hours.  

I later found a love for dance, and expressing myself through the vehicle of my body.

It seems that every experience I have had, every natural inclination to be authentically myself, has brought me to this work I do...  


My professional training includes Dr.Hauschka aesthetics, which is a skincare line tightly woven around Rudolf Steiner's natural integrative work in anthroposophy.

I realized how interconnected we are throughout our body systems, and how this relates to our physical, emotional, and energetic states; even the earth and cosmos around us. This idea of treating a whole being made me want to find other modalities with the same model in mind; which brought me to the magical art of Esalen massage that I have added to my repertoire, and most recently Holistic Chi Kung Massage.


I am forever a student, and never feel fully satisfied by the knowledge I have. I plan to keep learning and expanding my skills to better serve my clients.


My approach with this work is to express my creativity with the knowledge I have, and share a part of myself with you. Doing this in the way that is best in alignment with my values has been key.


My dedication and care for my clients is essential to working from a place of grounding and love. Immersed in the wise world of the plant kingdom and blending it with the wisdom of our incredible beings in a loving, integrated way is my passion. It excites me to express myself through my body and hands, using high-quality natural products.



Unwind from the clutches of tension whilst your body is nurtured and cared for with loving intent. Slip into a journey to the land of scent, feel into your body, and release the mindless chatter. This facial whether an hour or two will have you drifting into deep relaxation.

Citrine Caress 1hr  

scalp, face, arm and decolette massage included

 Emerald Forest 1.5hr  

scalp, face, arm, decolette, foot and leg massage included

Aquamarine Bliss 2hr

scalp, face, arm, decolette, foot, leg massage included


Time is taken for deeper cleaning, added treatments, and/or more massage




Mother of Pearl Embrace 2.5hr  

a complete facial experience, combined with a full body massage


*extractions performed when necessary


Soak your feet in a copper bowl filled with herbal waters that ground you to the earth; scrub away rough calloused skin; clean your nails to a shine; and have your newly unearthed feet massaged with beautiful creams and oils. Enjoy the solitude of a single room treatment where you can rest and recharge.

1.5 - 2hrs

both polish and buff to shine


Body Treatments

Dr.Hauschka Rhythmic Body Treatment   1hr

light touch working on the rhythmical body systems.

Luminesce Relaxation Treatment 1.5hr-2hrs 

 varied massage pressure, with a strong focus on awareness, balance and whole body integration.

Radiance Body Polish 1hr 

dry brush or pumice exfoliation with oil application





Moor muds benefits of pulling toxins from the body, with valuable essential oils is warmed and applied to the body. Wrapped up in a cocoon of warmth, your body is nurtured while the mud offers healing and grounding. Shower off and have the uplifting beauty of precious oils penetrate your skin and senses.

Selenite Glow 1.75-2hr  

Body polish with a wet scrub or dry brush, mud application, mini facial, and an effleurage oil application

Moonstone Magic 3hr  

Body polish with wet or dry brush, mud application, full facial, with chosen body treatment




Known as an ancient art of hair removal, this all natural product made from sugar, water and lemon penetrates into the hair shaft and pulls the hair out at the root. 

Best results are maintained within a rebook time of 4-6weeks

Lower face

Upper Lip



Under Arm



Half Leg

Full Leg











I would like to thank all of my incredible clients, friends, and family for your support. Thank you for your kind words, and the gift of being in your presence; I learn so much experiencing the world through your eyes and expressing myself through my craft. I also want to thank all the various teachers I have had the pleasure working with; planting a seed in my consciousness, my heart, my form, and into the palm of my hands.


With Deep Gratitude and Love




“I always look forward to my 1hr facial with Kamila.  Her spa space is beautiful, private and has a very calming and relaxing aura.  I love the natural products and the experience is like no other facial I have had.  I am able to relax and forget about the day while the stress releases.  This is more than just a facial, it is an experience like no other and my skin feels so good after.  Kamila is also very knowledgeable about skin and the products she sells."  


"Kamila has loving, magic healing hands. Her gentle nature and loving presence restores the body and soul. I love how her treatments ground, relax, and calm me down. I always feel wonderful after any treatment; my feet are light, my skin radiates, and my soul vibrates. Kamila's touch, herbs, aromas, all natural products, space and music, awaken joy and peace in me and restore my body."



"I am so happy to have been referred to Kamila. This was my first time at the Spa, what a peaceful and relaxing environment. I instantly felt comfortable and relaxed with Kamila. I have been sugaring for the past 3 years now, and Kamila is very professional and has the best technique that I have experienced. I look forward to my next Spa service, and will definitely be trying more services. I highly recommend the expert care and services provided by Kamila at Luminesce Organic Spa."



"Kamila provides an experience like no other! Very talented and unselfishly gives her energy in a way no other esthetician does."


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